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LED Horticulture

DLI ZENITH-Series LED Toplight

DLI APEX-Series LED Toplight

DLI Far-red Module

DLM Wireless Multi Zone Dimming Network

LED Indoor

DLI APEX-Series LED Toplight 800 FS-DC

DLI DIODE-Series LED Multilayer 600 FS-DC

UV Indoor

DLI CRI-Series UV 150W DE

HPS Horticulture

DLI HORTI-Series 1000W Deep

DLI HORTI-Series 1000W Wide

HPS Indoor

DLI HORTI-Series 1000W DE DC

DLI JOULE-Series 1000W DE-DC


DLM-4 Zone Controller

DLMini Controller

Jac. Oudijk Gerberas

"Tailor-made grow light to deliver tailor-made solutions and flowers."

The Germini specialist. For more than 45 years, the company Oudijk delivers the best quality Germinis to their customers. With a wide assortment of more than 65 varieties of Geminis, there is always one which suits your emotion. Oudijk loves to deliver tailor-made solutions to their customers, just like DLI has the best possible lighting solution for every crop. With the help of the DLI grow lights, Oudijk can produce the highest quality Geminis possible, year round.

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