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LED Horticulture

DLI ZENITH-Series LED Toplight

DLI APEX-Series LED Toplight

DLI Far-red Module

DLM Wireless Multi Zone Dimming Network

LED Indoor

DLI Zenith 900W 208-400V FS DC

DLI APEX-Series LED Toplight 800 FS-DC

DLI DIODE-Series LED Multilayer 600 FS-DC

UV Indoor

DLI CRI-Series UV 150W DE

HPS Horticulture

DLI HORTI-Series 1000W Deep

DLI HORTI-Series 1000W Wide

HPS Indoor

DLI HORTI-Series 1000W DE DC

DLI JOULE-Series 1000W DE-DC


DLM-4 Zone Controller

DLMini Controller

Harvest House member NoordVliet

"NoordVliet in Middenmeer has chosen the energy-efficient DLI LED fixtures for sustainable tomato cultivation all year round."

Harvest House member NoordVliet is a tomato grower from Middenmeer. The use of the durable, wireless and dimmable DLI ZENITH-Series LED TopLight fixtures allows NoordVliet to grow tomatoes year-round.

The fixtures illuminate the crop at NoordVliet. The high cooling power in this fixture ensures a low LED temperature, resulting in high efficiency and long life.

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