DLI Zenith 900W 400V FS DC

Low Light Degradation High ROI
Unsurpassed Cooling
Full Spectrum Uniform Light Distribution

The Most Efficient LED Fixture on the Market!

DLI Zenith 900W 400V FS DC

The perfect 1000W HPS replacement

The DLI ZENITH is a high-quality grow light which will save you up to 25% in energy. It’s perfectly suited for all installations as a replacement of your current 1000W HPS fixtures due to the optimum light distribution.

Low Light Degradation

High ROI

The three main factors that determine the level of degradation in a fixture are the quality of the LEDs used, the thermal management of the chips, and the quality of the drivers.

Although these factors are highly impacted by fixture design and component quality, it can be challenging to judge an LED fixture’s true quality.

Click on this link to read the article about the importance of LED degradation to your business and why you should always receive a lifetime light output guarantee from your LED supplier



The unique positioning of the LED bars ensures the best cooling performance for LEDs and guarantees reliability and a longer lifespan.

Full Spectrum

Uniform Light Distribution

The Zenith Series uses wide beam optics which enable uniform light distribution This dispersion helps to cover a larger surface area with the same intensity of light, reducing hotspots and shadows.

Technical specifications

DLI Zenith 900W 400V FS DC

Output µmol/s 2400
Beam Angle 140°
Power 900W
Voltage Range 208V - 400V
Efficiency µmol/J 2.7
Dimming Yes, 20% - 100%
IP Rating IP65
Product Dimensions 38.5 x 8.2 x 5.1 inch / 98 x 21 x 13 cm
Product Weight 26.4 lb / 12 kg
Certifications CE, CSA, DLC, UKCA
Country of Origin The Netherlands
Warranty 5 Years

Light Distribution

Full Spectrum

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