Our team

Our team

Meet our Grow Light heroes

I love working in an organisation where you can feel the passion for the job.

Peter Lansbergen

Sales Manager Europe

With us you get the best quality and the best service.

Robert Jansen

Sales & Support Manager

With DLI everything is possible. If not, we make it possible.

Dennis Janmaat

Sales Director

The Next Big Step in Horticulture!

Jaïr Velleman

Sales Director Indoor Cultivation

The Next Big Step in Horticulture!

Jeroen Dercksen

Sales Manager Indoor Cultivation

Assist and supporting the Sales Team gives me fulfilment!

Cassy van Schie

Sales Support Executive

DLI is no corporate. We are entrepreneurs and do things our way.

Pim van Eijk

Managing Director

Having fun together makes working here even better!

Elsbeth Schoone

Finance Manager / HR Manager

With the right financial reports, we help DLI further in its development and growth

Bing Borawitz


At DLI we believe there is always a solution: together we make things happen.

Lenny van Opmeer

Financial Administrator

I love creating structure. That makes us able to be flexible at the same time.

Sanne van Leenen

Financial Administrator

We all want to move forward and do things a little better each day.

Wendy van der Laarse

Receptionist & Officemanagement

At DLI there is a clear vision as well as a plan how to make it happen.

Matthias Verhoek

Supply Chain Planner

We are there for you!

Rody Springintveld

Order Management Coordinator

I love a good challenge! There is a solution for everything.

Tessa Schouten

Logistics Planner

We find a solution for everything, you just need to start and find the way.

Antonie van der Linden

Warehouse Supervisor

At DLI we go for the best results and create room for innovation.

Jan Mulder

Research & Development Director

Collaboration is the best way to work.

Patrick Hollemans

Project Manager Innovation

We serve our customers the best way possible! I love creating the processes to make this possible.

Patrick Hoorn

Production Manager

At DLI we don’t see problems, we just see challenges. And we happen to love a good challenge! Because together we can do anything.

Marta Kotala

Production Supervisor

I love creating the new standard in grow light together with my colleagues.

Eric van Wieringen

Technical Support

At DLI I get to be creative and think outside the box. Being able to do so, makes us all better.

Robert Jan Vriend

Marketing Executive




DLI APEX-Series LED Toplight and Farred

Prominent Groeneweg II

DLI APEX-Series LED Toplight

Pligt Professionals

DLI APEX-Series LED Toplight

Bunnik Bromelia

DLI APEX-Series LED Toplight

Agrocare Growers

DLI APEX-Series LED Toplight

OK Plant

DLI APEX-Series LED Toplight



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