We are a forward thinking, professional and ambitious
organization with great passion for our business.

Dutch Lighting Innovations

Redefine Grow Light

Founded in 2015, DLI is a progressive, professional and ambitious organization. Full of passion we develop and produce lighting systems for the global greenhouse industry.

Our products consist of components of the highest quality and are very easy to maintain. The luminaires are developed and manufactured in Aalsmeer, according to all applicable norms and our own high DLI standard .

For an optimal result of your crop we would like to help you choose the right fixture with the desired spectrum. We will draw up a customized lighting plan without any obligation.




DLI ZENITH-Series LED Toplight


DLI APEX-Series LED Toplight

Ideal Farms – U.S.A.

DLI APEX-Series LED Toplight, DLI CRI-Series UV and DLI Joule-Series HPS


DLI APEX-Series LED Toplight and Farred

Prominent Groeneweg II

DLI APEX-Series LED Toplight

Pligt Professionals

DLI APEX-Series LED Toplight



Engineer LED-Armaturen

Engineer LED-Armaturen, Aalsmeer

Technisch Medewerker

Technisch Medewerker, Aalsmeer

Technisch Projectmanager

Technisch Projectmanager, Aalsmeer

Innovation through

performance & design

We have developed a complete new range of horticultural lighting products that combine proven techniques of existing commercial lighting products with modern manufacturing processes. The result: lighting products that improve the user experience and enhance results.

Innovation and

tailor-made solutions

Innovation is in the heart of Dutch Lighting Innovations (DLI). With this always in our minds we develop and produce lighting systems for worldwide greenhouse horticulture and retail. We always create a fixture that exceeds the performance of our competitors, whilst the design matches the purpose perfectly.

Your new grow

lighting system

We get you. Every situation is unique. Every crop needs a different amount of light or a different spectrum. That is why we provide tailor-made solutions based on all the experience we have and knowledge we gathered. We find a solution for everything! So you get the best possible results. Together we go beyond.

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