DLM-4 Zone Controller

Compatible with all DLI fixtures Plug and Play
4 fully independent zones
Controls over 800 fixtures

The DLM-4 is full of features and allows the user to take full control.

DLM-4 Zone controller

Designed to set up your Daily Lighting Management

The DLM-4 zone controller has all the features to be the perfect lighting controller. The four zones can be programmed entirely independently. Each zone can connect up to 200 lights and a sensor. This means the total amount of lights that can be controlled is 800 with four sensors.

Safety features

The controller also protects the crop, in case the temperature goes over the maximum setpoint the lights will be automatically dimmed or shut down if necessary. After the dimming event, it is logged so the user can look into the cause.

Digital control

The controller is not analog but digitally addresses the fixtures, and this makes sure even the fixtures at the end of the chain run at exactly the same output.

Technical specifications

DLM-4 Zone Controller

Power <60W
Voltage range 100V - 240V
IP rating IP20
Product dimensions 5.3x3.4x1.4 inch / 13.5x8.5x3.5 cm
Product weight 0.6 lb / 0.27 kg
Certifications ETL
Country of origin PRC
Warranty 1 Year

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