DLM Wireless Multi Zone Dimming Network

Flexibility limitless possibilities
Ingenious straight forward installation and operation

We bring dimming technology to a higher level.
It's the new standard of light control technology.

DLM Wireless

Multi Zone Dimming Network

The DLM Wireless Dimming Network sets the new standard for dimming in the greenhouse. The system works with all DLI fixtures and is easy to install and adjust.
Through the mesh network the fixtures are controlled in a flexible and stable way. The possibilities are (almost) infinite.


limitless possibilities

Our fixtures are easily connected to the DLM Wireless Network by connecting the dimming Dongle.
Fixtures can be individually assigned to groups according to the grower’s specifications.
Due to the interconnected nature of the mesh network, in the unlikely event of a single fixture failing, the dimming system will remain operational.


straight forward installation and operation

As no extra cabling, modules, or other modifications to the panels are required, the installation of the DLM Wireless Dimming network is more straightforward and less costly than the alternatives. Further advantages can be found-In fact, the fixture power and dimming are fully separated.
This makes fixtures controllable In any situation, even if they are on a different strand, panel, or transformer.

Technical specifications

DLM Wireless Multi Zone Dimming Network

Number of groups are flexible
Modifications to panels No
Modifications to cables No
Greenhouse computers all major brands

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