DLMini Controller

Adjusts Output on all DLI fixtures
Plug and Play
Simple one Button control 

The DLMini does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

DLMini Controller

To control your fixtures

The DLMini controller is a simple controller that allows the user to set the output level of all DLI fixtures, LED, HPS, CMH, and UV. This controller is ideal to be used when conventional switching gear turns lights on and off. In those cases, the DLMini controller is the ideal product to change the output level of the fixtures without having to navigate through menus.

Use and

adjust percentage

Switch the on/off switch to I to switch on the controller. Then press the menu button to switch between the different percentages. The LED indicator will show you which percentage you have chosen.

Technical specifications

DLMini Controller

Power <60W
Voltage range 100V - 240V
IP rating IP20
Product dimensions 6.3x4.1x1.6 inch / 16x10.5x4 cm
Product weight 0.4 lb / 0.18 kg
Certifications ETL
Country of origin PRC
Warranty 1 Year

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