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LED Toplight

At Dutch Lighting Innovations, we listened carefully to the wishes and requirements of growers. This has resulted in the most recent innovation. Under the name “Zenith” we present the newest DLI LED fixture.


lower and lighter

Because sunlight is the best grow light, the Zenith is designed to reduce light interception. Due to its unique shape, it fits perfectly under the climate screens, which results in a synergy that reduces the total light interception in the greenhouse—each percent of extra sunlight in the greenhouse results in lower power consumption and extra yield. The low weight of the fixture makes installation easier and reduces the total load on the truss.


Venturi Effect

The successful APEX fixture has served as the basis for Zenith; due to the use of the venturi effect, Zenith is known as the best-cooled fixture in the market. During Zenith’s development, much effort has been put into taking the cooling to the next level. By modifying the cooling fins and increasing the surface area, the venturi effect is even more substantial, resulting in an optimized heat transfer capable of removing up to 30% more heat. The extra cooling power results in a lower LED temperature which translates into a higher efficacy and longer lifespan of the fixture.

Wireless dimming and control

Controllable far-red

Dimmability of Zenith fixtures is achieved through the wireless DLI multi-group dongles. The fixtures are easily connected to the multi-zone mesh network and divided into groups according to the growers’ wishes. The wireless system effortlessly connects to the greenhouse computer. There are no costly modifications to cabling or panels required.
The Zenith is available in multiple spectra. Spectra with far-red are also available. The Zenith, including far-red, is available with a single channel that controls and dims both the far-red part of the spectrum and the PAR light. The other variant is a dual channel where far red is flexibly controlled, separate from the PAR part of the spectrum. This can, for instance, be used in crops that only require far-red after the regular lighting period ends.

Technical specifications

DLI ZENITH-Series LED Toplight

Output µmol/s up to 4250
Beam Angle 120° - 140°
Power up to 1170W
Voltage Range 208V - 400V
Efficiency µmol/J up to 3.8
Dimming 20% - 100%
IP Rating IP65
Product Dimensions 38.6 x 8.3 x 5.1 inch / 98 x 21 x 13 cm
Product Weight 26.5 lb / 12 kg
Certifications CE, CSA
Country of Origin The Netherlands
Warranty 5 Years

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