DLI DIODE-Series LED Toplight 1000W

Glad oppervlak en Venturi-effect
Wireless Dimming options
Unieke lichtverdeling Voor lichtuniformiteit

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Toplight fixture 1000W

The new Diode Series fixture improves uniformity, efficiency, and performance. This fixture is perfect for a hybrid installation or as a replacement for a 1000W HPS fixture. Due to the sleek design and anodized aluminum, dirt will not get a grip. In addition, the fixture is IP65, water and dirt resistant.

Choose your own

light spectrum

Unique to our Diode series is the choice of light spectrum. To the decimal point it is possible to determine your light recipe Every crop is unique and so is the corresponding light recipe.

Fixed or


In addition to a fixed version, you can also choose a dimmable version. From now on, you decide how much light you consume.

Unique profile

Fin technology

To ensure a long service life, we go for optimal cooling. We do this by positioning the LED bars, which create the Venturi effect, so that the rising hot air draws in additional cold air.
In addition, the LED bars are made of a unique profile with fin technology.


LED Toplight Fixture 1000W

Using minimal components reduces environmental impact and CO2 emissions. In addition, the luminaire is made as compact as possible to reduce shadowing.

Technische specificaties

DLI DIODE-Series LED Toplight 1000W

µMol/J Output up to 3600
Stralingshoek 120° - 140°
Power up to 1040W
Voltage Range 220V - 400V
Efficiency tot 3.5
Dimbaar 20% - 100%
IP Rating IP65
Afmetingen 45.3 x 10 x 4.1 inch / 115 x 25.5 x 10.5 cm
Gewicht N/A
Certificering CE
Land van herkomst Nederland
Garantie 5 Jaar


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